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Whaddya know, it's Blogger Beware Annotated

Reader Beware, you're in for edutainment. (Hopefully.)

What is all this crap about?

If you're reading this, you probably already know Troy Steele's little Goosebumps blog. You might also know about the fan-made reference guide. This wiki aims to go a step further; we provide the original text in its entirety, noting all references. The "wiki" format is well suited for community contributions.

How do the annotations work?

Cultural references go in the References section. Notes give insight into the text itself (i.e. revisions, mistakes, and more). The Trivia section contains miscellaneous facts about the post. The Fast Forward section contains callbacks made after the blog was posted. (Typos are marked with a simple [sic], and missing images/files are followed by bracketed text clarifying the situation.)

Did you know...

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